There is a golden secret to artificial intelligence that BigTech and academia has not discovered yet, and its got nothing to do with knowledge.
Consider this: Every person on this planet, whether they are enormously wealthy or dirt poor, regardless of their background or upbringing, has only 24 hours each day to spend.
Every person throughout the entirety of human history has had no more, and no less.

But a true artificial intelligence machine is not confined to such limitations. The fact that AI machines, by definition, do not have to maintain an internal energy cycle is their one limitation, but it is also their greatest strength.

Time is the most precious commodity in existence, more valuable than gold or any metal, even more precious than the very water and air that we require to drink and breathe.

In every economy since Early Man began to place value on things, Time is the final measure of cost because Time is what remains scarce when all else becomes abundant.

And certainly, in our modern times, Time trumps an abundance of Money in all of our linear (transactional) economies.

This means that creating nonlinearities in time leveraging will be the ultimate common denominator to economic power in the next world order.

And there is only one AI technology developed today that leverages Time: the AI technology from The First Frontier Project.

To learn the secret of time leveraging, we will have to get a little technical, but the curious will be rewarded with knowledge available nowhere else in the AI literature.

And the financial concept of compounding interest provides a good starting point for this, but it tells only part of the story.

The process of compounding interest uses linear time to geometrically multiply the interest that is earned on any principle, by adding earned interest back into your principle before the next (linear) interest period.

But what if you had a process to turn this around, what if you had a process to earn the same interest in an increasingly shorter period of time?

And let’s go even further. What if you had a “lever” that could set how much shorter the following interest period would be, a period that still garnered the same amount of interest each period?

Time leveraging.

The quantum theory mathematicians employed in the investment industry, the “Quants of Wall Street”, are also attempting to create these “levers to time”, by trading at ever smaller increments of time, but the “levers” that their mathematical equations create are constrained by the uncertainties inherent in the fluctuating market of stock valuations.

Of course, the whole idea of artificial intelligence is to reduce and eliminate the uncertainty in our lives today. However, all of the AI being developed by academia and Big Tech today still works in linear time. Their solutions can only grow at a linear rate. While our problems multiply much faster.

Now building at the First Frontier Project: Time leveraging.

Will you find your solutions there?
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